Bluetooth File Transfer On iOS Devices – Celeste

Basically, the in-built bluetooth feature on iOS devices is totally useless when used natively. All you can do with it is use a bluetooth headset. Features like file transfer to PCs, other iOS devices and other phones are not supported, by default. This is where Celeste comes to the rescue! It’s the bluetooth app that Apple forgot! The only drawbacks are
i) that it can only be installed in jailbroken iDevices (here‘s a jailbreaking guide, and yes, its completely legal)
ii) that its compatible only with iOS 4.2 and above
iii) that its a paid app priced at $9.99
Oh well, its usefulness can definitely make you ignore its pricing. What else? You also get the Gremlin app worth $1.99, absolutely free with every purchase of Celeste. Gremlin is an app that adds received music and video files to your iPod library.
To get Celeste, just search for it in Cydia. It can be found in the modmyi repository. Here are a few self-explanatory screenshots.
Celeste's Cydia Page
Sending Music Files - 1

Device Discovery

Sending Images - 1
Sending files - 2

Receiving Files
Overall, its an app that you definitely must get if you own an Apple device. Here’s a video demo of Celeste.

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