Baseball Gameplan iPad App

Get tips on hitting, fundamentals and plan your off-season training schedule with videos from former Yankee and AL MVP, Jason Giambi. The Baseball Gameplan iPad app is a digital coach and training app for baseball and softball players alike. Sure, Jason Giambi has recently been in the middle of baseball’s steroid controversy, but does that mean the man still can’t hit a wicked curveball?

Baseball Gameplan is a freemium app where only a selection of training videos are free. To get access to all videos (also available in HD playback), you will have to upgrade by buying the $0.99 HD upgrade. Within the free edition, you can still watch videos around fundamentals such as pre-game stretches and proper warm up techniques. Also available are instructional videos around hitting tips and batting drills. The rest (fielding, pitching and catching) are locked behind the $0.99 upgrade.

The app allows you to either create a personalized four-week training program or you can watch only the videos that interest you in whatever order you like.

Whether you’re trying to get better at baseball or softball, the fundamentals remain the same. Jason Giambi appears in almost all of the less-than-one-minute video and overall the app serves as a reminder of all the baseball fundamentals coach taught you during little league. If you never played organized baseball, then the app is a nice digital coach to get you on your way :-)

The best content requires a $0.99 upgrade, but the free app itself offers some cool videos and tutorials from the Great Giambino.

Official Baseball Gameplan App Intro Video

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