6 Things To Consider Before Buying An Ads Space

When are about to a buy an ads space in some other website spending few money from your pocket, you can’t make a mistake. You must be careful and you must make a right choice so that you can get some benefit for the money you are spending on buying ads space.

So, in this post I thought of sharing some of my ideas to help you in making a right decision while you are buying an ads space. Here are 6 essential things you must consider before you buy an ads space on other sites.




Traffic is the first thing you must consider while buying an ads space on other sites. You must check how much daily traffic is attracted by the website where you have decided to buy the ads space.

If the traffic is low then it won’t be useful for you. So you must choice a site which attracts good number of unique visitors everyday.

2. Visibility

Next important thing to be taken under consideration is visibility. Some sites sell ads space that can’t be easily seen by readers. It’s because they want their site to have a free-from-ads look. So they just put their ads at the bottom of their site or somewhere hidden.

If you buy such an ads space then their readers won’t be able to notice your site’s banner or link over there, so you won’t to get decent traffic from your ads space. So it’s important that you buy an ads space which are visible clearly, without scrolling down.

3. Impression

The word impression is usually used as a synonym for ads views. Webmasters offer and their customers buy ads space measured in terms of ad views or impressions. Since a single Web page can contain multiple ads (depending on its design), a site usually registers more ad views per unit of time than Web pages per unit of time.

So you need to have more views on your ads space(i.e more impression). If the webmaster is using third party ads selling sites like buysellads.com you can see the no.of impression that ads unit receives. So you must find a site that has good no.of impression to get better result from the ads space you will be buying.

4.  SEO Benefit

Getting SEO benefit is not very important, all you want is traffic and not SEO benefit. Anyway its better to finds sites that gives you do-follow links so that search engines can recognize it as a backlink.

If you purchase ads space from high PR sites your search engines ranking will also become good and you get a chance of getting good Page rank for your site since you are getting linked to a high PR site.

5. Niche Site

Buying ads space in sites with same or related niche gives you better result. When you buy an ads space in a related niche site, when traffic has started flowing from there, those traffic will continue to browse through your site with same interest since your site also belong to the same niche. So you can drive more number of targeted traffic to your site.

6. Cost And Size

Lastly you should consider the ads space size and it’s cost. Sometimes webmasters who are crazy about money tries to sell small space for a huge amount. When you buy an ads space you should see to that whether the cost is apt of the ad unit size, impression and traffic.

Don’t spend your money by buying ads space that won’t help your site.

Hope this post was helpful :)

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