5 WP Plugins To Make A Blog More Conversational And Sticky

Making your blog a more sticky blog and conversational blog is very important to keep your bounce rate low and in increasing your page views/user and also the total no. of page views. In this post I will list out 5 plugins that will help you to make your blog a more sticky blog.

You can also read my blog post on “How to Reduce Bounce Of Your Site” which I wrote before some days. Hope it will also be helpful for you to grow your blog a sticky one.

1. Related Posts Plugins

When a readers finishes reading one particular post, they will be shown with some more blog posts that are related to the post what they read, so the reader will have same kind of interest on the posts shown by related posts plugin.

So the chances of them to pick another posts to read increases, which makes your blog little more sticky.

Related posts plugin: Linkwithin

2. Comment Notification

While a visitors leaves a comment on your they have an option to subscribe to the post for which they are dropping comments. So whenever someone leaves a comment or a follow-up comment, the post’s subscribers will receive notification to their e-mail address that they specified while leaving a comment on your blog.

So the notifications will make them come back to your blog. This can increase your blog’s conversation rate.

Comment Reply Notification Plugin

3. Featured Posts

You have to show your blog’s best blog post to your readers which can be done by some featured posts plugin, some themes also have this feature a in-built feature.

So when the finishes reading a post and if the like that post they will gain interest to read your blog’s best post.

4 Amazing Featured Post Slider Plugins For WordPress

4. Newsletter Plugin

You can collect user information using a newsletter plugin. You can collect information through service like feed-burner but you won’t be permitted to send newsletter through feed-burner. So if you wish to start a newsletter system on your blog you can use this plugin for that.

Whenever you send out some newsletters your subscribers will try to get back to your blog when they read your newsletter. So you can make use of this newsletter to pull some traffic when you find your site’s traffic stats is going down.

ALO EasyMail Newsletter Plugin

5. Link Tag to it’s page Via – Linkfy Tags

You can interlink blog post which will make your blog more sticky. So whenever a read comes across a link while reading your post he might read those posts too. You can interlink blog post manually while you are writing an article. You can also make use of this linkify plugin to turn a list of tag IDs and/or slugs into a list of links to those tags.

Linkify TagsLinkify Categories

If you find some other plugin really useful in increase conversation rate of your blog and also in making it more sticky, then feel free to share them through your comments below. Hope this post was helpful :)

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